of Little Lion Associates (Pvt) Ltd.

We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing high quality fast moving consumer (FMCG) products, which are immensely popular and sustain the market share by winning the hearts of consumers.

Little Lion Little Lion

Mr. A.G. Hinniappuhamy

Founder of Little Lion Associates

Little Lion is the one and only Cookie manufacturer in Sri Lanka who has the latest technology and machinery for manufacturing Cookies with the Steal Band Wire Cut technology.

Earlier most of the Consumers used to consume Cookies, which were more than 5 to 6 months old because almost all of the Cookies that were available were imported to Sri Lanka which reached consumers after about 5 months of manufacturing.

Little Lion wire cut Cookies are fresh and reach the market straight after the production.

Little Lion accounts for the highest market share of the total Cookies segment in Sri Lanka with 76.4% (AC Neilson Research Data).

From the inception our best seller “Batter Carol” has become a household name. Earlier it was fondly called as “Akuru Biscuit” since its shape is not the traditional round or rectangular. Every effort has been made during past four decades with advance technology to maintain its identical taste, mouth feel and uniformity in quality. There have been amateurish attempts to copy it, but no competitor could match its unique taste and texture.

Little Lion has introduced after much research an innovative product, the highest valued Cookie at that time- called “Milky Cookies”. The sale of this product has been increasing day by day due to its unique Buttery taste.

Little Lion has made another innovative Cookie named “Choco Cookies” to an International recipe with dashes of Chocolate Chips to bring an unique mouth feel.

A wide range of products, such as, Batter Carol Cookies, Milky Cookies, Choco Cookies, Vita Cookies, Cookie Rings, Coconut Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Butter Cookies, Cinnamon Cookies and Raspberry Cookies are available in the market under Little Lion brand. Little Lion is waving its magic wand to produce some more high quality, innovative Cookies in the near future.

Golden Cow Rusk, targeted for weaning babies is very popular in the Rusk category. They are packed in individual sachets to keep the freshness and convenience usage. It is the firstly introduced Sri Lankan Rusk to the market since 1970 which reaches the consumer straight after the manufacture. Golden Cow Baby Rusks are available in the market with 3 different natural flavours, such as, Original, Apple and Banana.

Golden Cow Baby Rusk is a food supplement made out of high quality ingredients, butter and fortified with Vitamins A,B,D,E and Calcium.

Little Lion was the first to market packeted Cakes (Butter Cake) by the International name ’Madeira’, to the Sri Lankan market. We use a unique manufacturing & packaging method of “Clean Room Concept” instead of using additional dosage of preservatives to give a long shelf-life.

Little Lion Date Cake is the best available in the market with natural Date fruit, and also Little Lion Fruit Cake has become the best selling among the other Fruit Cakes which are available at the market place.

Our round and rectangular Decorated Cakes adorning any showcase with attractive colours and designs are popular for presentation, and to entertain visitors. Little Lion Occasional Cakes for Weddings, Engagements and Birthdays are artistically decorated by our trained, highly skilled staff who will match the Cake to the requirement of the Consumer creating any shape fit for a toddler or an adult.

Little Lion Chocolate Sponge Roll, the leading product in the category cannot be matched to any other manufacturer & maintain the leadership without any ATL & BTL promotions.