Brand Intent

To deliver a High Quality Nutritious oven fresh Locally manufactured Cookie to the Nation for an affordable price from with an unimaginable cookie experience. A "Cookie way of Life". We want to create Cookie moments in the lives of brand loyal customers which will be cherished.

Brand Vision


Become the best rated diversified food manufacturer in Sri Lanka

Maintain and increase the existing market share

Maintain a sustainable profit

Ultimate Objective :- To produce the nutritious , hygienic, eminent food for the nation

Brand Mission

To supply nutritious and high quality Little Lion products to the Nation

To supply Little Lion products at affordable prices

To make product awareness, market availability and distribute through sustainable business operations

To meet corporate social responsibilities to strength the Sri Lankan economic and social culture

Ultimate Mission :- To supply nutritious and high quality food products at affordable prices to the people of Sri Lanka through a sustainable business operation while meeting corporate social responsibility

Brand Values

1. Quality
Our Brand stands for Quality. Quality is proven from our state of the art manufacturing process and also the numerous awards we have received. The recent certification of ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and Highest excellence award (A+) for Manufacturing of Hygienic & Clean Food 2014 ( by Colombo Municipality Council )

2. Passion to Innovate
Innovation is the key ingredients not only for success, but being different too. We are proud to be different from others. That’s why we are Passionate to Innovate. Employees are given the freedom to express themselves, and thus it is our key to success.

3. Nutritious and Fresh
Cookies are nutritious. But little Lion Cookies are even more nutritious. Our products are nutritious and is considered as a wholesome meal with important nutrients. Our shelf life is considerably lower and therefore our customers can enjoy factory fresh cookies in their living room.

4. Honesty and integrity
Our brand boasts of a proud heritage of 4 decades and with the heritage comes Honesty and Integrity. Our customers and Employees trust our brand which has resulted in the long existence of the Brand in the Market still maintaining the Market leader position.

These Values are the strong pillars of our Brands success. These values are not just documented but is displayed and communicated to our staff. The senior Management is passionate to drive these values as they have a direct link to the brand’s success. In our staff room and the notice boards, in the office complex and at the Factory premises we talk about our values. We encourage our employees to innovate. Suggestion boxes are placed in the factory floor and the employees get rewarded for their suggestions.

Brand Purpose

If, Little Lion cookies do not exists at the market the Sri Lankan consumers will miss the opportunity of enjoying tasty, high quality, oven fresh , variety of cookies

Ex: Milky Cookies, Cookie Sorties, Ginger Cookies, Conut Cookies etc.

Which are top 4 rated cookie brands in Sri Lanka according to the research data from AC Neilson research company.