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We have over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and marketing our high quality products. Little Lion products are a household name and are immensely popular, requiring no undue marketing efforts for sustaining an expanding market.

Little Lion is Sri Lanka’s sole cookie manufacturer with state-of-the-art technology and machinery for manufacturing cookies using the steel band wire cut technology.

Prior to our advent to the market, Sri Lankan consumers had little choice but to consume imported cookies that reached the local market over four months after manufacture.

Little Lion wire cut cookies revolutionized the Sri Lankan cookie market with its oven-fresh and scrumptious cookies that reached market shelves straight after production.

Little Lion has a formidable market share of 76.4% according to AC Neilson Research Data, dominating the cookie segment of the Sri Lankan market.

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AC Nielsen Research Data

Our best seller, “Batter Carol” has been a household name since the inception. Fondly called ‘Alphabet’ cookies because of its unusual shape, every effort has been made to maintain its unique taste, texture and uniformity in quality, throughout the last four decades. In ensuring the satisfaction of our consumers, we have succeeded in only further improving the quality of this consumer favourite with our advanced technology. There have been many amateurish attempts to copy this well-known Little Lion product to no avail. No one has succeeded in matching the taste and consistency of this unique, distinctive Little Lion product which has been a household favourite in Sri Lanka for over four decades. Three years ago, after extensive research Little Lion introduced, “Milky” another innovative Little Lion product, to the Sri Lankan market. This extraordinary cookie has ever since been a firm favourite of our consumers due to its buttery texture and exclusive taste, and sales of “Milky” are increasing daily. Our most recent introduction to the market is, “Choc o Chip” made to an international recipe.

The Little Lion range of cookies are wide; Little Lion Batter Carol, Little Lion Milky Cookies, Little Lion Choco Cookies, Little Lion Vita Cookies, Little Lion Cookie Rings, Little Lion Coconut Cookies, Little Lion Ginger Cookies, Little Lion Butter Cookies, Little Lion Cinnamon Cookies and Little Lion Raspberry Cookies are all very popular with cookie lovers in Sri Lanka. Little Lion will wave its magic wand to produce more high quality Cookies in the near future to tempt and satisfy our following of Brand Loyal consumers.

“Golden Cow Rusk”, a biscuit for weaning babies, is especially packed in sachets to be opened only before use. This popular product was the first locally manufactured rusk introduced to the Sri Lankan market in 1970, reaching the consumer within the first week of manufacture. The wholesome “Golden Cow Baby Rusks” are available in three different flavours; Regular, Apple and Banana, all made of 100% natural colours and flavours. This premium rusk is made of high quality ingredients and fortified with Vitamins A, B, D, E and Calcium, ensuring a safe, healthy and nutritious snack for babies.

Little Lion was also the first to market pre-packed cakes in Sri Lanka. Our “Butter Cake” was replaced by the “Madeira” cake when we substituted vegetable margarine for butter, without compromising the taste and texture of this delectable product. The health and nutrition of our consumers are of primary importance to us at Little Lion. With this in mind, we safeguard our products against any possible contamination with our unique packaging methods which ensure its freshness and safe consumption wherever it is sold, island-wide.

Our assortment of pre-packed cakes includes Little Lion Fruit Cake and the best date cake in the market; the Little Lion Date Cake made by using only natural dates.

Our round and rectangular decorated cakes adorning the Little Lion showcases island-wide are of attractive colours and designs, popular as gifts or for entertaining visitors. Little Lion also has cakes for all occasions, be it Weddings, Engagements or Birthdays, all very artistically decorated by our well trained, highly skilled staff. Our expert staff are able to create made-to-order cakes for celebrating any special day or occasion, be it for a baby’s first birthday, a daughter’s graduation or grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

The Little Lion Chocolate Roll is another one of our leading products unmatched in taste and quality. The popularity of this product is demonstrated by our inability to meet the market demand even with no media advertising carried out by the company.

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