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Little Lion

Mr. S.M.D. Suriyakumara

Chief Executive Officer

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Little Lion Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. is Sri Lanka’s premier manufacturer and marketer of Cookies, Cakes, Baby Rusks and Wafers. We have been providing our outstanding confectionaries to the Sri Lankan market for the past four decades. We have the distinction of being the only Company in Sri Lanka with the facility for manufacturing Wire-cut Cookies, and have five custom-made European Production Lines to manufacture around 30 products.

We count a workforce of 550 employees and a labour turnover of less than 1%. One of our main products, “Golden Cow Rusk” has a market share of over 70%; demonstrating the consistent quality and affordability of Little Lion products. Our market share of over 60% has established us as the market leader in the Cookie category of the Sri Lankan market. The leading edge over our competitors is our commitment to the constant quality improvement, freshness, affordability and availability of Little Lion products.

Little Lion Cookies revolutionized the cookie market with the introduction of a wide variety of delicious, oven fresh Cookies, and Sri Lankan consumers were no longer compelled to consume imported Cookies over 5 to 6 months old. Our cookies have been a household name for four decades and are very popular among both the young and old.

Little Lion Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. is also reputed in the production of Cakes and Swiss Rolls. For the past 40 years, our superior-quality Cakes and Swiss Rolls have been renowned in the Sri Lankan market.

We have an island-wide distribution network which covers over 45,000 Outlets around the country and all the Supermarkets. Little Lion has never found it necessary for large scale marketing of our products due to rapidly escalating sales and an increasing number of Brand loyal consumers. A rising market demand has now led us to increase our production capacity with an investment in a new Cookie Line.

We invite you to join our ever expanding Brand loyalty consumer chain by tasting our exceptionally delicious products.